Have you Outgrown your Home?

Posted by Helen Sage on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 at 12:50pm.

Have you Outgrown your Home?

If you are agreeing with any (or all!) of the below signs that you have outgrown your home, it may be time to talk to the Campbell Sage Team about making a move!

Running out of Room

The most common reasons to upgrade your home is overcrowding. Maybe when you bought your home you had kids and pets in mind. However, with them comes more stuff! Toys, furniture, clothes. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from “too much room” to not enough! You may find yourself tripping over clutter, waiting in line for the bathroom or have more people than bedrooms. Does your office double as a play room, have your stairs become a new storage spot? It may be time for more space!

No Room to Entertain

Has the baton been passed for you to host the entire family for the holidays? Or maybe you’d just like to have a few friends over for dinner but the idea of cramming everyone in your house is daunting? More are looking for open space concepts or the space to have friend and family over comfortably.

Family Circumstances

Perhaps you had the large home where each child had their own bedroom, bathroom times did not have to be scheduled and everyone had their own space to retreat to. However, the children have moved out leaving a big empty house (and no one to help with the chores)! It may be time to downsize. Or on the other hand, have you recently recovered from Empty Nest Syndrome to find your adult child has moved home and taken back their bedroom? Or perhaps an aging relative that you want close has moved in. Both may result in the need to reshuffle at home or upgrade to a larger home.


As time passes, the reasons you bought your home may no longer be relevant. Living in a hustle and bustle area and sit in traffic just to escape for the weekend? Or maybe you moved a little farther out to be able to enjoy a little more land and less congestion but find yourself always traveling to everyone else. Did you move close to a job you no longer have and find your commute has become longer? Location plays a large part in why someone may buy or sell a home.

Time for a Change

Scoping out listings online or looking at Pinterest to design your dream home? Lose interest in updating, decorating, and rearranging your current home? Realizing the things that made your home unique and special are more of a hassle to deal with these days? Tired of the landscaping upkeep? If you have fallen out of love with your home, it may be time to find that new dream home.

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