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Market driven by fair market retail sales. Owner occupants dominates occupancy.  Subject property shows no damage nor wear and tear.  No negative external impacts are present. 

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Mortgage Process

There are a few key people in your home buying process and your mortgage lender is definitely one of them. Not only do you sign a 30-year commitment with a company, but these are the experts that walk you through the financials of buying a home. Having a high level of comfort and trust is important so that is where we feel the mortgage process begins.

You take recommendations, read reviews, and interview doctors, realtors, accountants, babysitters… your mortgage lender should be no different! Take your time to find someone you feel good working with. They can answer any questions, explain their process, and discuss loan programs that they have available. Once you find the one, they can run your credit and provide more accurate

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Have you Outgrown your Home?

If you are agreeing with any (or all!) of the below signs that you have outgrown your home, it may be time to talk to the Campbell Sage Team about making a move!

Running out of Room

The most common reasons to upgrade your home is overcrowding. Maybe when you bought your home you had kids and pets in mind. However, with them comes more stuff! Toys, furniture, clothes. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from “too much room” to not enough! You may find yourself tripping over clutter, waiting in line for the bathroom or have more people than bedrooms. Does your office double as a play room, have your stairs become a new storage spot? It may be time for more space!

No Room to Entertain

Has the baton been passed for

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Where is the Spring Market?

Wait for the Spring Market, homes will start to list soon! Many of you have probably heard this, wished this, and we too, have hopefully said it. So how much longer must we wait?

There was a decrease in homes sales in January. Sales tumbled 33.3 percent in the Northeast to the lowest level since August 2016. However, this was not due to a shortage of homes for sale, it was due to a shortage of affordable homes for sale. The median price for a new home has increased 2.5 percent in January to $323,000 from a year ago.

301,000 new homes went on the market last month which is an increase of 2.4 percent and the highest level since March 2009.

As we mentioned in our last state of the market blog post, a healthy market has

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Hello Spring! (almost…) We are looking forward to warmer weather, open windows and longer days! We are also looking forward to a busy spring market and are getting a head start on our spring cleaning lists!

Home maintenance is an important part of home ownership and the tasks can easily get overwhelming. Spring is a great time to put a plan in place for the year and jump start with some fresh air, dusting and decluttering. It helps by making a list of everything you need to do around the house and then categorizing by how often you would like to complete them. We enjoy checklists to mark off as we go for extra satisfaction. Below is sample checklist to help get you started!

Another suggestion we would love to make is to create a Home Maintenance

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